Alex Amor by Guillem Cruells — The Collective

alexWe are glad to introduce one of the works of our MBC contributor Guillem Cruells for What Youth.

Check it out here: FOR THE LOVE : ALEX AMOR

From What Youth:
“Alex Amor is a skateboarder who abandoned the Pyrenees mountains to grow as a person and  skate every day in Barcelona — a city where the architecture resembles that of a skatepark and beautiful women and culture mingle together. We like that story. And we also love what filmmaker Guillem Cruells has done to showcase that. 

A bit about Alex: He’s a Black Sabbath fanatic, an Alfred Hitchcock lover and he lives in the center of Barcelona skating solo or with his crew “Suichi.”

Follow him through Barcelona as we examine his relationship with the odd art of skateboarding.”

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