Thursday Notes #2 — The Collective


Fragments from my notes.

“The city is full of drunks and sunburned guiris. We are packing the baggage to head our way to the green light”

“The road is empty, the car is full of jamon, surfboards and films. “V” is pumping up the volume and J.Hendrix making the rest.”

“We wake up at 5.30am and cross our fingers to see the classic electric blue lines in S-line. The Sunrise is coming and the barrels are psychedelic.”

“It’s my free day and some pals visit us with the big green truck. After surf in the crowded “culva” paradise we drive to Bilbao for lunch and see the new Yoko ono’s exposition in Guggen. (  35mm b/w film of that day is still in the lab.. Thanks for this super awesome express service.. )( Spain )”

“We bought some Ink while “V” was making a homemade record studio to make a soundtrack for the new “MBC artist series”  ( stay tuned for + info )”

Thanks to the couple of love birds, “V” and the basque family for these awesome 2 months.

Actually I’m in transit to somewhere in the middle of mediterranean. 

To be Continued next Thursday. XX – Guillem Cruells

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